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Neutralization of corrosive, toxic and flammable wastes is necessary to the environment and piping systems, even when quantities and concentrations are small. Such wastes can cause physical damage to a building's piping or outside sewer systems and, if effluent is being discharged to the environment (such as rivers and lakes), severe damage can result to wildlife and water sources.

Neutralization is the process whereby acids and alkalis are rendered harmless. The degree of neutralization can be measured by a system known as pH (positive Hydronium ions). The degree of measurement is a pH number of 7, which is neutral. Acids range from 0 to 6.99. Alkalis range from 7.01 to 14. The smaller the number, the higher the content of acidic waste. The higher the pH number, the higher the alkaline waste.

EJAU neutralization tanks are designed to receive, dilute and neutralize corrosive and harmful chemical wastes before allowing such materials to be discharged into the public sewers or the environment. The inlet, outlet and vent connections are welded into the tank wall at specified locations at no extra charge. Tanks are complete with cover

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